Let’s Feed

We all get some legacies in our lives from our elders. In the same manner, I got this legacy. In my childhood, I used to go with my grandparents and parents out to feed animals’ cows, and dogs. There is always a bowl of seeds you’ll find in my house where birds come and have … More Let’s Feed


Hi…. This is Reyansh, a well-educated man from upper-middle class family. Two years ago, at the age of 27, I got married to Aabha. She is daughter of Vineet uncle. Vineet uncle is a childhood friend of my father. Education at correct time, marriage with right girl at right time. My life was perfect until … More Dates

I am getting old

Yesterday I went in deep depression when I found a white hair on the floor. Many thoughts ran through my mind and I went into a thought of having a lot of white hair and a heavy hair fall.  I got scared of getting old. With my dear friend Google, I found out the things … More I am getting old

Mufti and Suhana

After spending two months among doctors and nurses in clinics, having heavy dosages of medicines, crying in severe pain while those number of syringes were pinching my nerves for number of days and left designs like red-black tattoo on my hands. These two months were horrible for me which took me in another world. As I started … More Mufti and Suhana