Mufti and Suhana

After spending two months among doctors and nurses in clinics, having heavy dosages of medicines, crying in severe pain while those number of syringes were pinching my nerves for number of days and left designs like red-black tattoo on my hands. These two months were horrible for me which took me in another world. As I started to recover and when I started to feel that I was back in this real world I actually lived mornings, evenings, heard beautiful songs of beautiful birds and enjoyed cool breezes. After seeing of clouds flourishing rains for hours from my balcony and enjoying number of cups of tea. I felt as God gave me a break to live fully which I forgot while running among crowd which used to remind me only speed of the time. After all this, the first thing I felt to do was writing. I started to write and it came out in a short story …so thought to share with you all my friends…Hope you will like it.

Mufti and Suhana married 2 years ago. They lived in Hyderabad and both worked for an IT company. After spending more than ten hours in office and two to three hours in travel daily they hardly used to get few hours of sleep. Their life was leading by clock… tick tock tick tock. Its 9 am office time… 11 am meeting time … 10 pm finally home time and sudden a mail come please complete this task by EOD. Let me introduce Suhana to you. She will be your host for rest of the story…and I will take more rest  😉😉😉

Hi …I am Suhana… sometimes I even don’t get time for a small tea break while working in office… yeah but that’s true. IT industry look very attractive but like other industries it also has its pros and cons. Me and Mufti met during an interview. It was our first interview… he got selected but I couldn’t able to clear the technical round. Around a month later I got a job in Azon technology.

We became good friends or I should say more than friends. We used to spend lots of time together sometimes enjoying dinner in restaurant, sometimes having walk near the beach, enjoying movies and sometimes used to knock the chance😜😜😜. We were very comfortable with each other.  Like every couple, we started to believe that we are different from other couples…very special …more understanding, more caring, mature enough to handle all situations and were very confident that nothing going to change between us. After 3 years of relation, we got married with all rituals and family blessings.

In starting, everything went as expected. Our relationship didn’t change even in difficult situations. But time had to change like always…no one can control it. We always tried to spend time together but problem was we couldn’t get enough time. In starting, we thought we won’t allow situations to ruin our relationship…yes, the spirit was high like all couples😊😊😊. But with time our efforts also went in vain. Misunderstanding, loneliness… mechanic life won and we also came at the same stage … like others. Our relationship also started to lose its spark and became very dull.

One day I called Mufti – ‘Mufti … today is Friday so can we go for dinner?’

‘Today … I won’t be able to make it honey. I have meetings till 10 pm,’ he answered.

 ‘No problem… I understand,’ I said.

This used to happen mostly. If I had time he couldn’t get time and sometimes I used to get stuck with work when he was available. We started to blame each other and fought with each other. We both wanted to reignite the spark in our relationship but our situations were not in our favor. We started to feel our marriage is not working any more.

One day while leaving office I slipped on wet floor, banged to a wall, and fell on the floor. I felt severe pain in my right hand. I was screaming because of pain. I was not able to stand myself. Thanks to Rijhvi, my colleague he helped me. He took me to the nearest clinic and then dropped me at home. In between he called Mufti.

‘Is it Mufti’?

‘Yes, speaking…who is this?’ Mufti said.

‘I am Rijhvi…Suhana’s colleague. Unfortunately, she met an accident. She got an injury on his right hand,’ he said.

‘What? Accident? How? Is she fine? ‘ Mufti asked.

‘Yes, she is fine… don’t worry,’ he said.

‘Okay, where is she?’ Mufti asked.

‘She is with me. I am dropping her at your home. Come early if you can,’ he said.

‘Okay, I am leaving now,’ Mufti said.

He reached home after half an hour.

‘Hey, how are you feeling now?’ he asked me.

‘I am fine now …it’s just a minor fracture. Doctor said I’ll be fine in few days,’ I replied.

‘Thank God, how did it happen?’ he asked.

‘I slipped on wet floor. There was cleaning going on and floor was too wet. Thanks to Rijhvi. He helped me a lot. He took me to a clinic and came here to drop me,’ he said.

‘Oh… Rijhvi, Thank you so much. I am sorry I even didn’t ask you anything. Can I get something for you?’, Mufti asked him.

‘Oh no… I am fine. You just relax and take care of her. I have a meeting so I need to rush,’ he said.

‘Thank you once again,’ Mufti said.

‘I’ll try to come to see you again … you take rest for few days,’ he said.

‘Thank you for everything bye,’ Mufti said.

And then Rijhvi left. I was not feeling good so Mufti asked me to take a nap. I had medicines and went to bed room for rest. After few hours, I woke up. I was feeling bit relaxed. In the evening, he made soup and dinner for me. He was feeding me soup with spoon and cleaning my face like I was a small kid. That day, time stopped we were actually together… no romance …no ding dong… only talking and talking but still I was feeling nice and peaceful as he was with me. That night, due to the pain I was not able to sleep properly. Mufti was sitting near to me holding my hand the whole night. He seemed so worried and kept saying…

‘You will be fine… don’t worry. I am with you.’

Next day, when I woke up. He brushed my teeth. He made tea and breakfast for me. He was taking care of me like a baby. He combed my hair. He made my favorite veg pulao. He was all the time around me taking care of me. He was very concerned about my hand. I had severe pain but somehow, I was liking all this …we were neither on any trip nor at any romantic date but still I felt life became beautiful with a broken hand Hahaha!!!…. this accident brought us close. Whole week we were at home… sorry sometimes at the clinic but we were together and I was pampered all the time. I always used to think having a good time together means a trip or romantic candle light dinner something specific. But this accident made me realize that good time means being together, spending hours and hours talking with or without any specific topic… it really doesn’t matter whether we are in Hawaii or in a crowded beach of Mumbai. It doesn’t matter whether we are having lavish food at five-star restaurant or eating dal rice made by your spouse at home… important is being together….

😊 😊 Don’t worry we also have option of pizza with cheese crust 😊 😊


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