Mufti’s Extramarital Affair

Hello friends……today was so busy and hectic day in office. I hired a cab and left for home. I was waiting for the traffic to clear. Suddenly I saw a couple enjoying rainy session on a bike and they were looking very happy. They were not bothered about the traffic and the rain. They must be college students because mature people never like to do this. As we feel few drops of rain we open our umbrella and save ourselves like mature and smart people. Do you think I am making any sense? I mean when I was seeing that couple. I was dying to get out of the cab, wanted to drench myself and dance like happens in movies. I was missing college days……. wow… those days were full of life…wonderful days…. Hold on…. before your minds start working and imagine my romantic story with some tall, handsome, and macho man…. wow…. Like it happens in movies…. 😉😉. Let’s think for a second. We feel so good when we think about those good moments we had spent with our ex-partner. Sometime we relive those memories by travelling to past in our imaginations. But when it comes about ex-partner of your spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend…. things actually change… How? Let’s ask Suhana.

Hi Guys… Suhana here…… Actually, it’s not a big issue especially now days… We are living in 21st century.  I don’t have any issue if Mufti had an affair before our marriage. After all it was before we met… I mean how would he knew that we are going to marry. So, I am totally cool with his past. I had a boyfriend named Arjun in college days and I told everything to Mufti about him. We both are very understanding and mature so we don’t have any issue on this. Right Mufti?

‘Ya of course. We are not kids who are going to fight on such small issue.’ Mufti said.

‘I knew it… you think the same way. I am very proud of you. You are very sensible and mature I must say…. I love you baby,’ I said.

‘Love you too… but you are appreciating me unnecessary,’ he said.

‘You are very modest,’ I said.

‘Ohh no… I am not that much good as you are,’ he said.

‘Really… How?’ I said.

‘I mean normally wives become judgemental about their husband’s past but you don’t fight on such issues,’ he said.

‘Ohh c’mon, I am a very practical woman… I understand human feelings and emotions,’ I said.

‘Great… that’s what I like about you,’ he said.

‘You never said anything about Arjun so why would I have any issue about your past,’ I said.

‘Yaaaa… Who is Arjun?’ he asked.

‘Arjun….,’ I said.

‘Who is Arjun?’ he asked again.

‘Oho… My ex-boyfriend. I told you about him when we were dating,’ I said.

‘Ya right, I remember but that time you were in collage. You were kid those days I guess,’ He said.

‘Kid… Hahahaa…. but I am surprised you even forgot his name… very impressive,’ I said.

‘Ohh… that’s really nice of you. You yourself never asked about Mayra so why would I say anything,’ He said.

‘Mayra? Who is she?’ I asked.

‘Mayra, my ex-girlfriend. Now please don’t say you also don’t remember her name,’ he said.

‘Hmmm… no I am not saying that. She was in your college, right?’ I said.

‘College? No, she was Aarti not Mayra,’ he said.

‘Aarti?’ I asked.

‘What happened to you? Why are you so surprised? I told you about Aarti long time back,’ he said.

‘Ahhh…. no, I am not surprised. How is she?’ I asked him.

‘Who? Aarti got married and moved to France,’ he said.

‘Okay, and other girl? Where is she?’ I asked.

‘Are you okay? She works with me in my office,’ he said.

‘She works with you? Okay,’ I said.

‘Ya baby…. now we are only good friends… nothing else,’ He said.

‘But I am not thinking otherwise… she was your past and I am your present… so where and when did you met her? I mean how did you guys…. like?’ I asked.

‘It’s seems you lost your memory… never mind. I will tell you again. We met in an office conference in Vegas. She was looking so beautiful that I couldn’t able to take my eyes off from her. One of our mutual friends introduced us. We were together in Vegas whole week. We used to go for drink. Most of the evenings we spent in Casinos and bars. Evenings in Vegas are so rocking… fun loving crowd…. hot chicks.

‘Hot chicks… Ohh…… wow that’s sound so fun,’ I said.

‘Everyone was like full of life… no boundaries…. late night sips of vodka or I should say early morning drinks… wonderful days… I really miss that time,’ he said.

‘And her?’ I asked.

‘Who? Mayra… She was so cool and very hot I must say… you know… we both used to see strip dance. One day she was so drunk that she went to dance floor and started dance. And she put off her jacket. Before situation got out of the control somehow, I took her from there. It was bit weird situation and I was bit embarrassed,’ he said.

‘Why were you embarrassed?’ I asked.

‘She was with me… so everyone was seeing us as couple,’ he replied.

‘Then?’ I said.

‘Nothing… I took her to room,’ he said.

‘Which room?’ I asked.

‘Room means resort’s room, ’he said.

‘Ya but whose room… yours? Or hers?’ I asked.

‘Mine… of course,’ he said.

‘Why? She had her own room… then why your room?’ I asked.

‘Why are you asking this. I mean we started dating so that was obvious,’ he said.

‘Then?’ I asked.

‘Then… what? We had rest and next day.’ he said.

‘Rest… ohhhhk….,’ I said.

‘Ya… What are you thinking?’ he asked.

‘Nothing… I have to cook for dinner,’ I said.

And I went to the kitchen. I was not feeling comfortable with that conversation. That’s fine Mayra was his past but still they were living in one room and went to see strip dance. It means they were very close. Whole night multiple thoughts were roaming in my mind and I wasn’t able to sleep properly. I have never done such things… how can he? …. whole night went this way. Next day morning, I woke up, had tea, and went to balcony. I was trying to feel normal but still something was there inside me… like a storm as someone has cheated me, as my world has vanished. I am not Mufti’s first love. I am not the first girl who came close to Mufti. These things were killing me and I started to cry.

‘What happened?’ Mufti asked.

‘Nothing, ‘I said.

‘Then why are you crying?’ he asked again.

‘I told you… nothing is there,’ I said.

‘Please tell me. Are you not well?’ he said.

‘How can I be well?’ I said.

‘But why? Tell me,’ he insisted.

‘First of all, I don’t know anything about your ex Mayra. You never told me about her. You should tell me about her before marriage. You were very close to her. You both were together in Vegas. I thought I am the first girl in your life. I thought I am the first girl to whom you said that three magic words but I am not the first one. I am second or may be third. I don’t know even my number. How can you spend nights with a girl… when you even don’t know her properly…? I am feeling like I even don’t know you who you are exactly. You hid all these things. You broke my trust,’ I said.

‘But that all was before we met,’ he said.

‘Really? It doesn’t mean you can do anything before marriage. It’s very convenient to do all wrong things and then clear all sins by saying it was before marriage. It is like you do murder and after 2 years you are saying now I am not murderer because I murdered someone but that was 2 year ago, ‘I said.

‘Murder? She was just…. I was not even serious about her. Now I love you only honey,’ he said.

‘These words are making me angrier. You both were very close to each other and you were not in love with her, Really? Its sound so weird… Don’t you think? I thought you are different but you are also like other men. After all this, I don’t think it will work between us,’ I said.

‘Hahahaa…. Oh, my God!!! …You are seriously an idiot,’ he said.

‘What do you mean by that? And why are you laughing? What so funny in this?’ I asked him.

But he was continuously laughing which was irritating me more.

‘Stop laughing… I am hurt and you are…. impossible. I am leaving this house now, ’I said.

‘Wait wait I am laughing because I was lying with you. I don’t know any Mayra and you took everything so deep and seriously,’ he said.

‘You were lying? Why? Why did you do that? I asked him.

‘Hmmmm…. You said you don’t have problem with my past…you were being so frank and wanted to know about my past. I didn’t have anything interesting story to tell you. So, I created one and I wanted to know how much you can accept. But I found an idiot and an emotional Wife…. Hahahaa, ’he said.

‘I’ll kill you….I cried a lot and couldn’t sleep whole night…I am not going to talk to you,‘I said.

‘I am sorry but I wanted to know actually if it doesn’t matter to you that I would have such past but you disappointed me wifee,’ he said.

‘Hmmm…. don’t even think to do anything like this otherwise I’ll kill you,’I said.

‘Okay… I am sorry,’ he said.

‘I have to go somewhere but I am very tired,’ I said.

‘Where?’ he asked.

‘Actually, Arjun invited me for lunch. What should I wear? black silk gown or may be pink… you suggest please,’ I said.

‘You are going with Arjun? Why? Why he wants to meet you? I thought he was your ex?’ He asked.

And finally, I opened my cards… I am not going to answer these questions. Now it’s my turn hubby. These feeling are normal between a couple the same way as falling for someone and getting attracted to someone. If you are alive it is going to happen. It doesn’t matter at what stage you are. It doesn’t matter about your status. All matter is what kind of person you are and how you deal with such lovely feelings. It’s obvious to feel possessive and emotional about your partner. So, don’t get angry for this with your partner. But if your partner stop feeling jealous and possessive for you then it’s time to worry boss. Don’t judge yourself and your partner for small things and don’t try to behave very practical as I tried and failed 😊😊

‘Suhana? are you seriously going,’? Mufti said.

“Actually…It’s not a bad idea …. Maybe you will come to know some deep secrets of your partner,” 😉😉😉


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