I am getting old


Yesterday I went in deep depression when I found a white hair on the floor. Many thoughts ran through my mind and I went into a thought of having a lot of white hair and a heavy hair fall.  I got scared of getting old. With my dear friend Google, I found out the things people get to when they get old and I had a big list to look at which made me feel scarier…

Asthma…. Diabetes… Vision Loss…. Hearing Loss…. Arthritis…. The list went on…

After reading the list, I was bit relaxed as I did not have any of the above sickness and I was out of the boundary of old age but till that time I understood one thing very clearly “Precaution is better than cure” Right?

I had to attend my friend Rihan’s birthday party. So, I got ready for the party. I wore my pretty yellow gown and simple flat footwear. Suddenly, Mufti came and said –

‘Going to Rihan’s birthday party? Why don’t you wear the red heels?… it will rock with this dress. Isn’t this dress too long? … Hahaha…’

‘Really? am I looking horrible? I asked, ‘It’s material is so soft’.

‘No… you are looking pretty but this going to be a dance party I guess. Gown? Hmmm…. not bad actually,’ he said.

‘Mufti should I wear a long Shrug? It’s so cold outside,’ I asked.

‘A long shrug? But you are going to a party… how you are going to dance?’ he asked.

‘Dance? But I cannot dance. If I fall and get hurt. It will take a lot of time to recover in this age,’ I said.

‘Ahhh… this age? what do you mean by this age? he asked.

‘Hmmm…. I mean we are not kids anymore. We should take care of our health,’ I said.

‘Okay… whatever you feel,’ he said.

After a while My friend, Veenu came to pick me up and half an hour later we reached to the venue.Venue was decorated so beautifully and everyone was in a full mood of enjoyment. We met Rihan and wished him. All were in fancy dresses except me. But they don’t know the benefits of soft material gown and shrug will safe me from cold. Rihan came to me and offered a drink.

‘Here’s your vodka lady.’

‘Vodka?’ but?’ I said.

‘You always start with vodka, right? Do you want me to get some other drink for you wine or beer? he asked.

‘Hmmm… actually I am not feeling to have alcohol today. Can I have some orange juice?’ I said.

‘Orange Juice? Are you sure? he asked.

‘Yes… I am sure,’ I said.

‘Okay… I’ll get it for you. But you are behaving bit weirdly,’ he said.

‘Actually Rihan, you also should not drink alcohol. I read somewhere it’s a slow poison. It causes many health issues. I have better idea, we shouldn’t keep alcohol in our coming parties. We should keep only health drinks,’ I said.

‘Ahhh…ya…. you are right …. I’ll get juice for you’ he said.

He looked at me as I was talking something non-sense. Anyways it will take time for him to understand my intelligence. After some time, Veenu came and asked me for a dance. I went with her and started to dance but suddenly I felt I should not dance thinking it can cause some injury or a sprain.

‘Veenu, I am going back to take a seat. I don’t feel like dancing,’ I said.

‘Okay… chill,’ she said.

I knew it I am doing right but I don’t know why I was not feeling good. I was feeling some kind of suffocation. I think I needed some time to adapt all these habits.I went back to home. Mufti was waiting for me.

‘Hey sweetie, you came so early,’ he said.

‘Its 10 pm so I thought… we should sleep early,’ I said.

‘Suhana, has anything happened to you? Do you want to talk?’ he said.

‘No… Why are you asking this? I asked.

‘You are not behaving normally,’ he said.

‘Hmmm… seriously? I am also feeling something different,’ I said.

‘Is anything going in your mind,’ he asked.

I told him everything about the list, my valuable search and their benefits. He didn’t say a single word about it. I changed and went to living room. Mufti was playing video game on the TV.

‘Baby, do you want to play 😉?’ he asked.

‘No,’ I said.

‘I was talking about the video game 😊😊,’ he said.

‘Hehe…. I was also talking about the video game,’ I said.

‘Sure… one game? he asked again.

‘Okay… if you say so,’ I said.

‘Okay… Which game you like to play? … Mario? 😉😉😉,’ he said.

‘Hehehe… don’t underestimate me… I always win since childhood,’ I said.

‘Ohk… which game?’ he asked.

‘Do you have karate or deer hunting or tennis?’ I asked.

‘Hmmm…. Let’s go for cricket …,’he said.

‘Bet… I am going to win,’ I said.

‘Let’s see… who is going to win… first let’s start…. do you know how to operate remote?’ he said.

‘You just wait and watch…,’I said.

We started playing and in between I wore my glasses.Mufti saw and asked ‘Why did you wear glasses … all okay?’ he said.

‘Yes… I am totally fine… I am just taking precautions. I have to survive around fifty years more I guess with these eyes… so I thought I should be careful while watching TV or playing video game,’ I said.

‘Okay,’ he said.

‘I have bought two glasses. One for you… take it,’ I said.

‘Ahhh… I will wear it from tomorrow,’ he said.

He made me feel that I am behaving weird… not sure why? Smart people always get underestimated at an initial stage. Once they proved correct then only people follow them… no worries… it’s too late to sleep… not good for health.

‘I am going to bed…,’ I said.

‘It’s just 11 pm. Please play for half an hour more then you go to sleep,’ he said.

‘No… actually you should also sleep. Please switch off the game,’ I said.

‘No please… just one more stage,’ he said.

He was fully focused on the game… as ball came towards his bat… Screen turned into black.

‘What happened?’ he asked.

‘Hehe… switched off. Come with me, it’s too late. Wait, first brush your teeth then you should go to bed,’ I said.

‘Now, Brush? Why now? Anyways I am going to do it tomorrow morning. So, it doesn’t make any difference. Who is going to see my teeth while sleeping,’ he said.

‘No, go and brush your teeth… This would avoid number of dental problems,’ I said.

He didn’t like that and reluctantly he went to bathroom. I was also feeling that I was forcing him but I was thinking for his healthy teeth only. After few minutes, he came and said-

‘Suhana…I think you are right. We should change our habits and we should focus on our health then only we would be able to survive smoothly in old age.’

‘Correct… Now you got my point,’ I said.

‘Actually, I have few more ideas,’ he said.

‘Really? tell me what’s that?’ I said.

‘Today’s onward, we will not have junk food like burger, pizza, noodles etc… We will have only simple food at home like dal, rice, green vegetables,’ he said.

‘Only green vegetables?’ I said.

‘Ya…. and we will not go to movie theater to watch movies,’ he said.

‘Why? I asked.

‘If we go to movie theater then you might feel to have popcorn with cheese which is not good for health, right?’ he said.

‘Right… but no movies and no popcorn,’ I said.

‘Yes… and we should change our outfits style also. Like today, you wore long soft material dress with shrug for healthy skin. I must say you are very intelligent,’ he said.

After listening these words, I felt bit relaxed and nice but something was going on wrong I guess.

Mufti continued ‘Now onwards, you wear only long soft material dresses. Its means no short dresses, no tops with shining stars, no leather jacket, no denim jeans and you also should take care while wearing make-up. You should wear very light make-up like no red, not purple, no orange lipsticks… just very light colors. Even more better, you should stop wearing make-up. Lipstick and eyeliner have chemicals and it can harm your soft lips and pretty eyes… no…no make-up from now. And more important jewellery. It can cause rashes on your skin. So, from now you are not going to wear any jewellery.

‘Ohh…. no denim jeans, no red lipstick and no jewellery but Mufti, I can wear them once in a while, right?’ I asked.

‘No baby, you should not take risk. Otherwise you won’t look good in old age,’ he said.

‘But I have full treasure of clothes, make-up and jewellery, what should I do with all of these?’ I asked.

‘Don’t worry, we will give them to someone,’ he said.

‘Whom?’ I asked.

‘Let me think…you can give few of them to my cousins, your cousins or I have few good female friends, you can give them or you can them to Meenakshi,’ he said,

‘Who is Meenakshi?’ I asked.

‘Our maid’s daughter,’ he said.

‘What?’ I was shocked.

‘How can I give my stuff to her? They are so expensive,’ I said.

‘But your health is more important honey,’ he said.

After this long list of future owners of my treasure, we went to sleep. Mufti slept in few minutes but I was feeling very uneasy but somehow, I forced myself to sleep.

And I saw something very horrible, Meenakshi wearing my sexy red dress and Mufti was giving her my whole jewellery box and then I saw myself wearing light crème dull color dress. Then sudden Mufti’s cousin Neelu came to my house. Neelu and Meenakshi both were distributing my stuffs and fighting for my leather jacket and denim jeans which I bought from New York. I was stopping them but both were not listening to me and they tore my jeans in two pieces. And as they both looked at my jacket I shouted- stoooooooooooooop. Don’t touch my jacket. Mufti please stop them and sudden I heard a voice “Suhana, what happened.? Why are you shouting?”

‘Meenakshi… Neelu tore my jeans,’ I said.

‘When? No one is there,’ he said.

‘Hhhh…. but they were here only,’ I said.

‘You must have seen them in your dream,’ he said.

‘Dream… Oh my God. Was it a dream? It’s was like a real one but why did I see them in my dream… What am I dreaming? Why it comes to that level,’ I said.

‘You must be thinking about them before sleeping,’ he said.

‘No… I was not thinking about them. You were talking about them. You wanted to give my all new branded stuff to Meenakshi and Neelu. It all happened because of you,’ I said.

‘No mam… it all happened because of your granny type thinking…. this not good for health, wear glasses, brush your teeth… you were driving me crazy,’ he said,

‘So that doesn’t mean you give my all stuff to Meenakshi… You could talk to me,’ I said.

‘I tried but you were not ready to listen…. So, I thought to target your weakness, your treasure and I was sure this will work,’ he said and started laughing.

‘You are very bad… you always do this,’ I said.

‘So, shall I call to Neelu?’ he said,

‘No… don’t touch my stuff. I am not giving anything to them. All going to stay with me and I am going to wear all. Doesn’t matter how will I look in seventy years age. I don’t want to feel oldies before that age comes. I can’t spoil my present to safe the future. I will live today first and fulfill my all wishes. So, get ready quickly,’ I said.

‘Where are we going?’ he asked.

‘We are going for shopping tomorrow… you have to buy me a new jeans😊now it’s my turn… Hahaha,’ I said.

‘Oh shit, I again made a wrong choice… It said correctly “Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face”,’ he said.

‘Hahaha… I am too good. Don’t mess up with me next time,’ I said.

‘But Suhana… what are you thinking about these heels,’ he said.

‘I’ll kill you… give it back to me. I am not going to give this your Meeeeeeeeenakshi.’

And he ran with my heels and I try to caught him to get back my heels safely. So, moral of the story all is well if ends well. We should not worry too much about our future and live the present happily. Moreover, I am still rich with all my treasure 😉😉

Wait this is not the end, still the end is about to come. It actually ended with a shock when I came to know my maid is having a hair fall problem.




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