Let’s Feed

We all get some legacies in our lives from our elders. In the same manner, I got this legacy. In my childhood, I used to go with my grandparents and parents out to feed animals’ cows, and dogs. There is always a bowl of seeds you’ll find in my house where birds come and have their lunch and dinner. When I was a kid, it was just a fun activity for me to give them food and see them eating just like remote-controlled toys. I used to enjoy it a lot and was always stubborn to feed them on my own and when they used to come ahead, I used to run far away. Those memories are still with me and will be for a lifetime.

Now, when I go to parks and feed birds, ducks, and squirrels, I understand how it is important for them. As I enter, squirrels welcome me roaming around my legs and looking at me as they are asking for a menu like bread or peanuts. As I start feeding them, ducks come out from the river and look at me innocently for their portion. It seems they know me and they expect me to feed them. And when they eat, it gives me real peace that I can’t explain in words. And when I don’t have enough food to feed them all and some of them look at me, I feel very sad that I can’t bring enough food for all of them every time. They also feel hungry as we feel and they also need good food as we need.

As human beings, we all have a lot of options for food. We have it according to our moods and taste because we have options to buy it but these creatures don’t have such options. They’ll have whatever you give them even the leftovers and will look at you with thank you. They are the ones who complete the beauty of our world. They bring smiles to the face of our kids. Don’t you think, our parks and lakes would be incomplete without them? Do you think a morning without their musical voices would be a good morning?

Few people can not keep them alive but if we all feed some of them every day with fresh food, not leftovers so we can protect them and the smiles of our coming generations.


2 thoughts on “Let’s Feed

  1. Hello Rekha and Gul,
    So happy to know that you share our interest of feeding the birds.Uncle has specially kept bird feeders outside our living room and regularly fills them with rice and sunflower seeds.We are so delighted to see the birds like parrots,sparrows,mainas,crows,pigeons and little black birds,and squirrels coming and eating the same.They are our special guests who come to entertain us everyday even during the lockdown period. I appreciate that you are doing a great job.
    God bless you both.

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