c38ae88f7b034a9807a0291f9cab9f4cThere are lot more of things which we know are important to our life but we forget to appreciate them while running in our mechanic life. Few days ago, I went to the Cairngorm mountain for a holiday. It was a fantastic trip. It was very cold and breezy. I stayed at the Macdonald Resort where my house had an amazing mountain view. There were beautiful lakes on our way to Cairngorm mountain. Mountains were fully covered by snow. Soft beautiful pearls were shining all around as glares of sun greeted the snow. Everything was so beautiful. I could feel chillness of snow and warmness of sun both at same time. Many people were climbing the mountain along with us. I hadn’t seen such beautiful shades of nature before.

In Scotland, during winters, sunset happens early and it starts getting dark at 3:30 pm. After couple of days, when we started our journey back home. We decided to take a halt and enjoy the view of Loch Ness. People say that there a giant monster in the lake. Every side of the lakes and mountains were so attractive that I couldn’t stop myself to stop the car and bless myself with the amazing and glorious nature. It was so striking that I forgot about the time and it started getting dark. As it was the national park, there were no road lights which made my driving a bit difficult. Soon it became dark, there were forest both sides of the road. It became a bit scary, driving without road lights in a national park. Big beautiful mountains turned into black monster which perturbed me in driving as they looked too fearful. The dazzling lakes were terrifying by their blood-curdling side. It seemed someone was in the lake who kept an eye on me and was following me. I was feeling bit restless and apprehensive if suddenly some unexpected and unknown creature will come out of these lakes. Forests were so dense that even a small illusion was racking my nerves. Who knows a group of wolves are waiting to attack or some non-existence element watching us from that sinister forest? It sent chills down my spine by seeing this frightening view. My driving speed increased at the maximum level as someone is behind to catch me and I was trying to protect myself.

Finally, after an hour I reached the highway and took relaxing breath. It was like I rescued myself from some danger. When I reached home, I wasn’t able to forget anything. It took me few hours to get over this. I even felt to laugh on myself but it also made me realize that it is the glares of the sun who made blue mountains, charming lakes, green forests beautiful and divine. Everyone knows the scientific facts about importance of sun for our existence. But imagine, if this world would have run in darkness without thinking scientific facts. We could never be able to enjoy delightful scenic views. This incident actually made me realize the importance of sun in adding beauty too in our world and our lives.

And don’t forget to realize that how much this brightness is importance to our social life. No beautiful views, no selfies, no posting on social sites 😊😊 … It would have been a very big crisis. 😉😉 Don’t take it personal, I was just worrying about the billion-dollar social sites 😉😉.




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